Of Interest

March 16, 2020


The Most Important Relationship


“The most important relationship you have
Is the one you have with yourself!”
– Victoria Baum – The Relationship Changer


All of our relationships begin and end with us. Life lessons and relational patterns are usually learned from our parents, other family members and friends. Whether they were negative or positive, (it is usually a combination of both), it is these learned attitudes and behaviors which play an important role in who we are today.


To be the healthiest you can be and have the best relationships possible, (in counseling), we may need to have a look ‘back there’ to discover what learned attitudes or behaviors may be holding us back from becoming the best we can be and attaining our desired goals today.


The past only serves as a history lesson. It is the present and future we are most concerned with We take what was/is good, resolve and discard that which isn’t serving us well, and make the necessary adjustments to become who we want to be!


We do this to improve the most important relationship anyone can ever have; the one they have with themselves. All the rest of our relationships stem from this, most vital, one.


We need to continually work on improving ourselves so we can find and share, our ‘best’ selves with ‘best’ others.