Disaster Relief Consulting

I have been an active member of the American Red Cross’s Disaster Mental Health Team since 2005.


I continue to assist those affected by local incidents, as well as, having traveled all over the country, assisting survivors of this nation’s worst natural disasters. I began in 2005, spending 3 weeks, all over the state of Louisiana, during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


Unfortunately, since Katrina, there have been many more natural disasters.  I have been called upon by the American Red Cross to respond, around the country; including: Hurricane Ike, (Galveston, TX), The San Diego Wildfires, Midwest Floods and Hurricane Sandy, just to name a few. I travelled, (twice), to the shores of New York and New Jersey, doing my very best to assist all those affected, (including first responders), by Hurricane Sandy.


I have also served on national disaster follow up teams for the federal government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


I welcome the opportunity to come speak, (with your group, condo association, etc.),  to increase your knowledge and disaster readiness.


For companies and corporations: I can assist and lead your firm and employees in gaining the proper knowledge and training,  to create your own company’s disaster response team.


When disaster strikes, not only will you be ready…
you will also be ready and able to help others.


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