Peyronie’s and Other Issues

Counseling for those dealing with Peyronie’s Disease:
Men and their partners


Emotional issues arise the moment the diagnosis of Peyronie’s is made. Your physician tries to explain, yet, you cannot fully comprehend and take in all that you are hearing. Of course, P.D. is not a terminal illness, (in the usual terms), but for most, when first trying to deal with it, it might as well be.


Common initial emotional responses are: anger, fear, (even terror), anxiety and especially, depression. Your partner is probably feeling many of the same, however, you may not have it in you to deal with their emotions, as well as your own.


Then, the Internet search is on! One tries to find anything that will cure it, make it go away or at the least, make “it” better.


Counseling helps. You and your partner can learn to ‘adapt’ and yes, resume a mutually satisfying sex life, in spite of P.D.


The emotional issues must be addressed, (as well as, the physical manifestations), to achieve the most positive outcomes: for the individuals, as well as, the relationship.


You can learn how to enjoy this aspect of your life again.


I have the professional training, experience, success rate and compassion to be of assistance to you.


I am recommended by Dr. Laurence Levine, one of the foremost medical experts in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. Other physicians, such as, OB/GYN’s and Internists, also make referrals to me for men and women who are trying to deal  with problems in the bedroom.


Please contact me so that we may begin to get you back on the road to optimal mental and physical wellbeing.


Confidentiality and privacy are strictly adhered to.


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