Sexual Wellbeing

Victoria Baum - Relationship Changer

Mutually satisfying sex does not come naturally to all men, women or couples. Most people just expect sex to be a pleasurable experience and never consider that problems or issues may arise. This can happen from the very start or may occur long after one becomes sexually active.


Life’s past and present experiences, emotional state, physical or medical conditions, can interfere with what is/was “supposed to be” so simple and just assumed, satisfying for both partners.


If you or your partner is struggling with physical intimacy issues, there are many emotions that may emerge as a result. For example: depression, frustration, insecurity, anxiety and resentment, for both you and your partner, are all “normal” responses.


Victoria Baum - Relationship Changer

You can learn how to enjoy this aspect of life and I have the professional training, experience, success rate and compassion to be of assistance to you.


I receive many referrals from other therapists, OB/GYN’s and Internists for men and women who are trying to deal with “problems in the bedroom”.


I am quite knowledgeable about Hormone Replacement Therapy, (HRT), and other related treatments, and am able to make proper referrals to other professionals.


Please contact me so that we may begin to get you back on the road to optimal emotional, physical and sexual wellbeing.


Confidentiality and privacy are strictly adhered to.

* Fees are discussed in advance and are expected to be paid at time of service.