The Relationship Changer


Is your current relationship as good as you would like it to be, (or used to be)?


Whatever the issue, relationship counseling can help!


Are you able to honestly, openly and effectively communicate with each other? Are you sharing mutually satisfying intimacy, (emotionally and physically)? Are both of your needs and wants being met? Has your trust been broken and now, threatens to end your relationship?


Is frustration, anger, resentment, fear, mistrust, insecurity, financial conflicts or any other issues from your past, holding you back from having the loving relationship you want and need?


Working together, I have assisted many individuals and couples in exploring, identifying, working through and ultimately, resolving the problems which had been keeping them from finding happiness, both individually and as a couple.


I offer a safe place for you to talk, allow yourself to express your inner most feelings and receive professional guidance. By offering the compassion, empathy and the non judgmental support needed, I assist you in learning what your needs and wants are, (and that of your children’s), You can find solutions which will lead to greater happiness.


No topics are off limits.